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Our Mission

Resilient Souls exists to compassionately care for and flourish the growth and healing for victims of trauma, abuse, and exploitation by empowering them with tools and educational programs to build their families and community into a safe haven.


Our Vision

We envision a world where organizations, communities, and families work together to care for their most vulnerable members. We dream of a world where people treat each other with honesty and respect, no matter their abilities, education, social status, race, faith, beliefs, age, gender, or orientation. The pathway toward a healthy society starts with knowledge: recognizing and identifying victims of neglect, abuse, and exploitation. Our goal is to create a network of people and resources that will reach out and help heal those who have suffered. We aim to restore dignity and worth and rebuild lives, families, and community.


about Resilient souls

We take healing to a whole different level. We understand the depth of pain associated with trauma and abuse. As peer thrivers, Resilient Souls (RS) is committed to see wholeness restored to individuals, families, communities, and even to those who experience high levels of trauma.

​RS exists to offer support and resources for the next steps into healing for the abused, traumatized, and sexually exploited, and to their families in our local communities. RS provides peer support groups, healing programs, and trauma-informed training to victims, survivors, and their families. With our Mentor Support Collaborative program, we train peer mentors for supporting survivors who are committed to see wholeness restored.

We are equipping and building a compassionate community for survivor care and restoration. Our mission is only made possible through our collaborative efforts among community partners, like law enforcement, faith-based organizations, social justice, and charitable organizations.

  • Lisa Majors, Crisis Chaplain, Founder, and Executive President

  • Suzette Lyons, Executive Administrator

  • Julia Muya, Executive Vice President

  • Dr. Meredyth Keast-Devine, Pharm.D., BCPP(Retired), APP (Retired), Neuro-Psych Advisor

  • Jay Turner, Retired Pastor

  • Lorrie Alessi, Retired Registered Dietitian 

Executive Board

Board and Committees

Our Programs


Classes & Support Groups

Educational classes and support groups include abuse recovery, caring for the vulnerable child with coinciding parent/guardian class, teen connect group, ongoing grief support, depression recovery and support, and a one-on-one mentoring program for victims/survivors of sex-trafficking to promote the healing process.

Community Care Center

Our Community Care Center helps survivors of abuse, trauma, and sex-exploitation make healthy transitions and provide ongoing support by offering free support groups and enrichment classes, reaching out to parents and teens with crisis prevention resources, and tailored solutions in our Survivor Support Sponsorship Program.

Community Partnership

Our community is full of people who want to offer support. We work to connect service providers with those who are in need. Learn more about how to get involved with us.

our partners

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